Flying Lady Gaga

In 2013, Gus was selected as a member of Lady Gaga’s design and development team for her “Flying Dress”. On November 10, 2013, Gus successfully flew Lady Gaga at the ArtPop concert in Brooklyn, NY. 

Wildfire Prevention

Aerial mapping and aerial filming services are provided for wildfire prevention in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

Tree San Diego

Multispectral imaging services are provided to Tree San Diego for urban forestry management.

San Clemente Island

Aerial mapping of San Clemente Island was conducted for a Navy-funded project.

SAR Mission 

Airspace Consulting flew several aerial mapping missions to try and locate a missing hiker in the San Jacinto Wilderness.

Legoland California
Since 2017, Airspace Consulting has provided aerial filming services to Legoland, California for their marketing and advertising departments.

County of San Diego
Using both aircraft and drones, aerial filming services have been provided to the County of San Diego.