Airspace Consulting provides services and solutions to private and public sector clients.  Every team member is a commercial pilot and has experience in aerial imaging, UAS development, regulatory compliance and technical writing. Airspace Consulting owns a Beechcraft Bonanza A-36 for aerial imaging and mapping with a variety of sensors.


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Meet the Team

Gus Calderon, AirSpace Consulting

Gus Calderon

Founder, AirSpace Consulting


Gus Calderon is a Commercial Pilot with 25 years of aviation experience. Gus developed and operated an FAA Certified Part 135 air charter company based in Carlsbad, CA. In 2006 he began installing autopilots and cameras in remote control aircraft. In 2010 he started custom building multi-rotor UAS for aerial photography and scientific applications. As an early-adopter of civilian UAS, he has conducted thousands of flight operations and has over a decade field experience. 


In 2013, Gus was selected as a member of Lady Gaga’s design and development team for her “Flying Dress” which was named the Volantis. On November 10, 2013, Gus successfully flew Lady Gaga on the Volantis at the ArtPop album release concert in Brooklyn, NY. 


Using his experience as an air charter operator and technical writer, Gus has developed operating manuals for small UAS that set the standard in several industries. Gus brings his experience with the FAA’s requirements for maintenance, inspection, and recordkeeping on commercial aircraft to small UAS operations. His experience working with the FAA translates to higher standards of safety while conducting UAS operations.


Maha Calderon, AirSpace Consulting

Maha Calderon is a Commercial Pilot and FAA Certified flight instructor with 18 years of aviation experience. Maha is also a published writer, graphic designer and commercial photographer. She is exceptionally familiar FAA regulations and has been committed to the cause of establishing safety guidelines for small UAS. At Airspace Consulting, she is responsible for editing the operating manuals and waiver requests for commercial UAS operations.


Jonathan Rupprecht


Drone Attorney - Rupprecht Law



Maha Calderon

Certified Flight Instructor

Editor, AirSpace Consulting​​




Jonathan Rupprecht, Esq., is an experienced attorney in Commercial Drone Law and an FAA-certified flight instructor. Jonathan has successfully obtained 333 exemptions, including closed-set tv/movie filming exemptions, for many of his clients. Jonathan authored a book on the law pertaining to unmanned aircraft in the United States called "Drones: Their Many Civilian Uses and the U.S. Laws Surrounding Them." This book is currently being used as a textbook at multiple universities around the U.S. as part of their UAS degree programs. He later was an adviser for one of the amicus briefs for the highly publicized Huerta v. Pirker case.




Richard McCreight

Mission Specialist - NEOS, Ltd.

Richard McCreight is a commercial pilot with over 8000 flight hours supporting NASA, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Justice, Forest Service and National Science Foundation projects. Richard is also recognized scientist with over 18 scientific and technical publications.


Richard McCreight founded NEOS, Ltd. in 1995 after pioneering the development of four Near-Earth Observation System (NEOS) light aircraft for several NASA research projects. While still meeting NASA’s exacting scientific requirements, NEOS evolved into an integrated approach to environmental measurement and monitoring using the latest remote sensing technology to meet mission objectives. 


Richard has documented countless national disasters including wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes and flooding. In 2010, Richard used NEOS to remotely sense the Deep Water Horizon Gulf oil disaster for the National Science Foundation and the White House. Richard has been contracted by governments worldwide for projects such as the flooding of the canals in Venice, Italy, and cyclone damage on the island nation of Vanuatu.