Since 2015, Airspace Consulting has helped over 100 clients navigate the FAA drone regulations.

UAS Type Certification


Airspace Consulting is currently working with one of the 10 applicants seeking UAS type certification from the FAA. UAS type certification is a crucial step that will enable further integration of UAS into the National Airspace System.


UAS type certification is the approval of its design and all component parts. It signifies the design follows applicable FAA airworthiness standards and will allow more advanced UAS operations such as beyond line of sight and package delivery.

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Drone Expert Witness


The founder of Airspace Consulting, Gus Calderon, has served as a drone expert witness on several product liability and personal injury cases in both state and federal court. Mr. Calderon has a professional background in both the physical sciences and commercial aviation spanning decades.


Combined with his experience designing, building, testing and flying drones for over a decade, Mr. Calderon has a unique foundation to his subject matter expertise which cannot be easily matched. His current work in the FAA drone type certification program further sets him apart from anyone else claiming to be an expert in the field of civilian unmanned aircraft systems.

Over 55 Pound Drones


To fly an over 55 pound drone, operators must receive an exemption under 49 U.S.C. §44807. The first grant of exemption to operate an over 55 pound drone for aerial cinematography operations is credited to Airspace Consulting. 


Airspace Consulting has the technical writing experience to prepare and submit the unmanned aircraft flight manual, Operations Manual, Operational Risk Assessment, and Flight Test Data. 

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Aerial Mapping


In a world of population growth, environmental change, and natural disasters, there is a growing need for timely and aerial mapping for public and private organizations.  Since 2016, Airspace Consulting has been collaborating with NEOS, Ltd. to provide aerial mapping services.


Using a Beechcraft Bonanza A-36 and small UAS, geo-referenced airborne data is collected for resource management, environmental monitoring, and public safety.  

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Multispectral Imaging

Recent advances in the field of aerial imaging have reduced the cost of this technology while increasing its capability. Multispectral imaging (MSI) is a critical assessment tool for analyzing plant health and locating issues that are invisible to the naked eye. 


MSI, whether collected by drones or light aircraft, can be extremely useful in developing urban forest policies, wildfire risk mitigation, and tracking environmental changes over time. 

Aerial Filming

Using the safest and most sophisticated drones with 4K resolution, Airspace Consulting has years of experience in aerial filming for government and private sector clients.


Airspace Consulting’s flight crew consists of commercial pilots with perfect safety records and caters to risk-averse clients such as the City of San Diego, Legoland, County of San Diego, and Colliers International.