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Since 2014, Airspace Consulting has helped over

100 clients navigate FAA drone regulations.

Over 55 Pound Drones

Operators who fly over 55-pound drones must receive an FAA exemption under 49 U.S.C. §44807. Airspace Consulting has obtained over 55-pound exemptions for over a dozen clients operating the Freefly Systems Alta X. The first grant of exemption to operate an over 55 pound drone for aerial cinematography operations is credited to Airspace Consulting in 2018.


 Supporting documents required for petitions for exemption are provided by Airspace Consulting. Technical writers help each client prepare and submit

the Unmanned Aircraft Flight Manual, Operations Manual, Operational Risk Assessment, and Flight Test Data. 

UAS Type Certification

Airspace Consulting has worked with an applicant for FAA UAS type certification.

UAS type certification is a crucial step that will enable further integration of UAS into the National Airspace System.


UAS type certification is the approval of its design and all component parts. It signifies the design follows applicable FAA airworthiness standards and allows more advanced UAS operations such as beyond line of sight and package delivery.

Drone Expert Witness

The founder of Airspace Consulting, Gus Calderon, has served as a drone expert witness on several product liability and personal injury cases in both state and federal court. Mr. Calderon has a professional background in both the physical sciences and commercial aviation spanning decades.


Combined with his experience designing, building, testing and flying drones for over a decade, Mr. Calderon has a unique foundation to his subject matter expertise. His current work in the FAA drone type certification program gives him irrefutable credibility in the field of civilian unmanned aircraft systems.


Airspace Consulting has drafted the following documents for over 100 clients:

Concept of Operations

Flight Operations and Procedures Manual

Unmanned Aircraft Flight Manual

Operational Risk Assessment

Pilot in Command Training Manual 

Visual Observer Training Manual

Petition for Exemption

Flight Test Cards

The founder of Airspace Consulting has an academic background in the physical sciences and decades of technical writing experience in multiple disciplines.

He has written operating manuals that meet the certification requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Technical Writing

Aerial Filming

Using the safest and most sophisticated drones with 4K resolution, Airspace Consulting has provided government and private sector clients with aerial filming, time lapse imaging and event photography.


The crew at Airspace Consulting consists of commercial pilots with perfect safety records and caters to risk-averse clients such as the City of San Diego, Legoland California, County of San Diego, and Colliers International.

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